Saturday, February 3, 2018

finally February!

Did January seem like it lasted a whole yr?  I saw a meme that said 'we are now entering the 3rd month of January'.  It sure did feel that way.

But it's now February and we can move on.  This is the month of love--Valentines day and also my anniversary month.  My husband and I were married 32 yrs ago this month! Goodness!  That seems like a long time but it has gone by so quickly.  We've been blessed with two children and now have a son in law and 3 awesome grand sons! 

We will be having the memorial service for my mom this week.

I've started working on a quilt. Can't show it cause it's a gift. It involves numerous flying geese. I'm using this method and then sewing again 1/2 inch away from that line to make a small half square triangle which I'll use either in the border or maybe a design on the back. 
I'm sewing it on my 301 Image may contain: table and indoor I bought this right before Christmas and I love sewing on it!  It is a sweet machine! 

I'm glad to be back is good for my soul.

~~til later

Saturday, January 13, 2018


I have to be honest and say that I want a New Year redo!
This year so far sucks!!  And I don't use that term very often.
But I'm just being honest.

My new year started out with a colonoscopy-I had one 4 yrs ago, precancerous polyps were removed
so have to have a recheck every 3-5 yrs.
No polyps this time but there was a suspicious area that the MD biopsied. I get a letter this week that
it was in fact a precancerous polyp and I will need to have another colonoscopy in 6 months to remove that area from my colon.

My mother has been back and forth between the hospital and health care facility since November.
It has been tough!  She passed away on January 5th  Even tho we knew her heart was failing, it was rather a shock that she passed away so soon.  I think I'm doing pretty good but then it hits me, she's no longer here on this earth, I can't call her while I'm cooking supper and talk to her, I can't go see her. I just plain miss my momma!

This week has been a rough one. I contracted a virus while at the ER with my mom on the 3rd. I thought it was either the flu or strep, went to MD last Tuesday, both were negative.
I have never had throat pain as I've had this week!  I went back to the MD last evening and turns out I have a type of the Coxsackievirus-the type that attaches itself to your throat.  Nothing on my hands, feet or inside of my mouth--just my throat.  Thankfully I'm on the end of it. MD gave me a prescript for Lidocaine that I'm suppose to gargle with.  Have you ever tried to gargle a tsp of thick syrupy, nasty tasting stuff?  It's not easy.  My mouth and the front part of my tonsils were numb but it didnt' touch where it hurt the worst.  So I finally got some on a Qtip and swabbed it on there.  It did help, does feel some better this morning but I ain't over it yet! 
I'm going to get some Benedryl and Maalox today to make that Magic Mouthwash! Equal parts mixed together.  I think I can do a bit better with that.

I know this post has been rather negative--there have been some good things this yr, it's just hard right now to see them clearly. 

I'm holding on to the HOPE that I have that. That is what has gotten me from one day to the next.

HOPE is my word of the year. 
What is hope?  To trust in, wait for, look for or desire something or someone or to expect something beneficial in the future.

~~til later

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Christmas time is here!

And I found myself scrambling today to get some things done that I should have already done!

Yesterday was a fun day.

Our family went to a tree farm to get our Christmas tree at Sandy Hollar Farms in western NC.This has become a tradition for us.
That place is so beautiful!  Enjoyed a wagon ride and found a beautiful tree.

Found a barn quilt too!  

There is still snow lying around from over a week ago.  We had over 11 inches here.  It was so pretty!  It stuck to every thing.  My little snowman was happy!

I hope we get more!  I love the snow.

~~til later

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

I've missed this place

 I'll be back with a new post soon. 

Think it will do me some good to start blogging again

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Happy Spring!

Finally! Spring has arrived!
We've been having some beautiful weather this past week. I'm loving the sunshine.

this is a beautiful magnolia tree we saw at the Biltmore House last weekend!

a sweet little wren has built a nest on top of my husbands utility building. I love hearing wren's sing. One of my favorite birds.  

my husband has started doing more wood working. He made this cute birdhouse! I  love it! He has hung it in a tree in our back yard. I'm watching it to see if we have any occupants. 

I've been trying to take time to just be still. Not just in body but in mind and spirit as well. It's not an easy thing to do. 

I tend to have an anxious mind. Thoughts are going everywhere.
I think of this scripture

casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ,

2 Corinthians 10:5

I found this "be still" magnet at a local business that is housed in an old building. They have booths for consignment-there is most anything you want! Antiques, oddities, crafts...I get lost in places like this. 
This is just a small oblong piece of glass tile with the paper and a magnet glued onto the back. 
here is just one of the tutorials I found on how to make them. 
~~til later

Thursday, January 21, 2016

my word of the year

I'm seeing alot of people choosing a word for the year and I got to thinking about that.
Through several messages/devotions, etc that I've read, one thing kept sticking out in my mind and that was ABIDE. 

Full Definition of abide

abode play\-ˈbōd\ or abid·edabid·ing
  1. transitive verb
  2. 1:  to wait for :  await
  3. 2a :  to endure without yielding :  withstandb :  to bear patiently :  tolerate abide

  • 3:  to accept without objection abide
  • intransitive verb
  • 1:  to remain stable or fixed in a state
  • 2:  to continue in a place :  sojourn
  • from the Merriam-Webster dictionary

    1. I will be writing more about that in later posts--still thinking about what it means for me and how I need to apply it to my life. 


    I love this quote! And it is so true. I don't think I've ever slept a night without it being under a quilt---unless it was in a hotel.

    I've always loved quilts/quilting. I have several that my grandmother made and my mom finished. I have a Double Wedding Ring that my mom made me as well as a Steps to the Altar.

    My sewing room is a work in progress. Think it always will be.

    So we are preparing for a major winter event.

    I'm somewhere in the 2 darkest blue 8-18+ inches of snow!  I just pray we keep power.

    I know it causes a lot of problems for those who have to get out in it to get to work--I think of the home care clinical staff I work with...and the ones at home who are depending on them, some with serious health issues. Praying they will be safe. 

    how is the weather where you are and how are you preparing for it?

    ~~til later