Saturday, June 28, 2008

Good day

It has been a good day today.
I didn't have to work . I did some decluttering in my bedroom, dusting, etc. I was glad to get it done. Found my basket of grandmother's flower garden blocks I started. Well, it actually wasnt' lost. It's been sitting beside my chest at the foot of my bed for months. But I picked it up and got to looking at the blocks I have finished. I want to start back on it. I'll try to get some pictures posted of some I have done.
Took my son to get a hair cut. He loves his hair buzzed, which, I think is unusual for a 17 yo. He's always liked his hair short. I like him with a bit more hair but, that's ok.
Our youth from church was having a carwash to raise money for a trip, so we went by there and let them wash the car and gave them a donation. They will be going to VA next month to our national convention, to compete in drama, bible millionaire and music. 'Sigh' This will be the first year in many that I've not been able to go. My son and daughter both have competed in the past. My son won second place with his guitar in instrumental solo one yr. I thought he was going to compete this yr but he decided not too. I'll really miss going.
We went to the lake this evening. Dh and I walked a couple times around, I fished for about 10 min, then sat and talked to a couple ladies who were there from the church. It was a nice evening. Our little lake is set in a little valley. You have mountains surrounding, there's a little park, a pavilion, the town pool. They have music during the summer on Thursday nights. There is a little gazebo where weddings are held. Just a really nice place.
And I'm tired. Sitting here bout to fall asleep.
So I'm off to bed, to read for a bit.
I'm off tomorrow also. Yippee!! We'll be going out to eat after church. Tomorrow night we are having a pastor appreciation/birthday spaghetti supper, with homemade icecream and pound cake for dessert. Yum!!!



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