Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tennessee memories

My mother was born in TN, grew up in Sulphur Springs. I hadn't been over that way in almost 30 yrs and that was for my grandmother's funeral.

This past Thursday dear hubby and I took a day off and I wanted to go into Johnson City. We didn't know what there was to do there-site seeing wise-so we went into Jonesboro, walked around. I love those old buildings, so much character and Oh!! if those walls could talk!! I would love to hear the stories they tell.

I got to talking about how I'd like to see the old "homeplace". The place my mom was raised, the place we used to take trips to to see my grandmother, the place I think of as home. I don't know why. I lived in several different places while growing up, so I guess this place is the closest thing I have to "roots".

So, I called my mom and we figured out how to get there. I knew the road we turned on had a cemetery on the corner. This is where my grandmother was buried.

I always remember her with her gray hair. She was a thin woman, always wore a dress and a bib apron. I loved her kitchen, simple, but it was so bright. I remember the old Hoosier cabinet with the flour bin in it-remember those? If I remember correctly, it was white with red trim. And she had a picture of petit fores she had taken from a magazine taped to the cabinet door.
I remember eating home-canned chicken and there was always an oblong "refrigerator dish" of peaches on the table. My step granddad, Fred, loved peaches and we always took a case when we went to visit. He was an old man then. I remember him in overalls and always had his cane. We'd walk in and he'd raise his hand in greeting. He lived to be 94 yrs old.

More memories to come.


Christian Homekeeper said...

I love your new blog name Patty, its really nice! :D
You post was so sweet, I have lots of memories like that...

robinrobin said...

Hello Patty! I really enjoyed reading your TN memories. So sweet! I can just picture your grandparents.

Love the new blog! Will add it to my blog list if you'd like to visit back and forth? Hugs, Robin

Barbara J. Davis said...

I saw your comments on "The Stair Landing? and dropped by your blog. I love the name. Also, I grew up in Clinton, Tennessee (near Oak Ridge), but now live in Idaho. I try to get back to my roots every couple of years. My western family loves it when we visit Tennessee. They feel like it's their home, even though, they were not born and raised there, like I was. It is such a special place and although I've been gone from there for many, many years, I miss it every day of my life. Thanks for the memories and please feel free to visit my blog, too. I will add your blog to my blogroll. Barbara

marilyn said...

We were in TN last month for my husband's family reunion. His mother grew up in Waverly. The picture of your grandmother's tombstone reminded me of mine. I was out of the country when she died in 1976.
I remember going with my mother about 10 years later to see her grave in Morrisville,NY.

Barbara J. Davis said...

Thanks a million for adding me to your bloglist! Please come by often.