Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Moving right along

It is a hot, muggy morning, not even the slightest breeze outside. Thankfully we have gotten some showers the past few days. What we really need is a week or more of slow, steady rain, a good soaking rain. The grass is looking brown, the flowers are not as vibrant as they should be.

Reminds me of how Christians start looking when they aren't watering their soul with the Living Water~~the Word of God. We need a daily soaking.

I work today, then off tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I need to go into town~chiropractor, take my mom to farmers market. Havent' spent any time with her in awhile now. She's wanting to get some peaches. I want to get some more, also. I've put some in the freezer already. Thought I might make some preserves, too.

Life is busy right now, lots going on, decisions to be made. Sometimes it seems more than I can handle but I've realized to just give it some time and prayer and things seem to work out.


Barbara J. Kirby Davis said...

I like the cartoon. Yes, God is ALWAYS there..justing waiting for us to talk to Him. He has been my constant companion all the days of my life. God bless you today. Barbara

This simple Life said...

You can have some of my rain. It's been so bad that it rained everyday for a month. Ruined my corn I was trying to grow.

Cora from Nelia's Primitive Place said...

So glad I found you here!!!! YOu can certainly have some of our rain. Haven't seen the sun in quite a while now. We went from severe drought to non stop rain!!!!
I, too, loved the cartoon! Isn't it great that He is always there when we call, waiting to answer!

Come on over and visit sometime! You are always welcome there!

Trish said...

What a cute cartoon, but with a wonderful message!

How do you freeze your peaches? I guess I could get out my canning/freezing book and see, but it's better coming from someone who's done it.