Sunday, September 7, 2008

Lazy Sunday

My dd and her dh are back home. Talked to her a bit ago. She said they had an awesome time. Said it was very relaxing. But the waters did get a bit rough at times. But with 3 hurricanes around them I would think so.

She said she got some really good pictures, cant' wait to see them.

We grilled hamburgers for lunch today, then I mixed up some brownies. Brownies are not one of my favorite things. Actually, I'm really not that keen on chocolate anything. Now don't get me wrong, I DO eat chocolate but it's just not up there on my top favorite things.

Anyway, I did eat a brownie with some butter pecan ice cream and choco. syrup on it. Blah! so rich. The guys will eat the brownies.

I cut the last of my fresh peaches up and added some sugar to them. I'm sad to see the peaches go. I've become addicted to cheerios with peaches and walnuts in it. I do have quite a few bags in the freezer tho. So, a good hot peach cobbler or crisp with taste good on a cold winter day.

Flylady is in the kitchen this week. I'm glad as I really need a plan for getting it cleaned. I really do want to get the house in good shape before my surgery as I won't be able to do much afterwards for awhile.

I also need to spend time getting the finances/bills, etc., organized to where dh can do them if he needs too.

A pot of veggie soup and chicken/rice soup will be good to make to put in the freezer.

So, that is all for today.



Barbara J. Kirby Davis said...

Yum! Peaches sound good. We have some that we just brought into the house off one of our trees, so I may have one with ice cream tonight. One of our trees got so heavy with them this summer, that it broke in half!! We noticed it right before we got into the car to go on one of our famous bike rides. So..Jim, Becka, and I spent almost an hour trying to save the ones that had fallen. What a mess!!!!
So glad to hear your kids are back and safe.

Jen said...

I second Barbara's yum. Peaches sound wonderful. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! I am off today, I work tomorrow, then have off the rest of the week. I may have some news to share at my work, so stay tuned!

Julie said...

Hi, Miss Patty!

Brownies, Butter pecan ice cream, and chocolate syrup -- that IS rich isn't it? But I still bet it was yummy!

Fresh peaches!!! Almost even better! Did you grow them yourself? I'd love to have a couple of peach trees..........

You know what else is good to do with Cheerios? Don't let me gross you out -- I learned it from a friend when I was a little girl.
Except she used Rice Krispies (which is yummy, too!) Anyway....
you mix cereal, peanut butter, and honey (she used sugar) and eat it with a spoon! You know, this time of year, some cinnamon sugar would be good sprinkled on top!

You take care of yourself and we'll be praying for you and for a very quick recovery!

Many Blessings,

Farm Chick Paula said...

I'm glad everyone is back safe and sound!!

Bridget said...

MMMmmmmm. You are making me hungry talking about that good food!!!