Saturday, September 20, 2008


Wow! this past week went by so fast.
I was off yesterday and today.
Yesterday, I had a breakdown. I just lost it. It's been building up. The finances-had been on the phone with the dr, praying they'll let me make payments. The house is a mess and no one seems to care. Being on the last "time of month", with all it involves.
Dh brought a comforter set home that was going to be thrown away (although it was basically new, had just been used as a floor example). It is a very good quality, quite heavy, tho. But I lost it. How did he think I was going to get that thing thrown over the bed when I won't even be able to make the bed. One side of the bed is against' the wall, not where to pull it out. Argh!!

I just lost it. But I have to say afterwards I did feel better.
And I have to say, I did not yell at him, I just broke down. But I sure did get the dishes washed!

I feel better today. I know that God is going to be with us thru all of this. I just have to give it up and let Him help us. I know it won't be as bad as I'm thinking it will be.

I have apples in the crockpot for apple butter. The kitchen is clean. And now I need to get started on the new kitchen curtains I'm making.
Dh is on the roof putting a primer on, so he can paint it (a mobile home).
It is a beautiful day!!


Barbara J. Kirby Davis said...

You have alot on your plate right now with the surgery coming up--it's no wonder you "lost it." Just know that God has everything under control. Blessings, Barbara
- Read Matthew 6:33

Linda said...

Praying for that "peace that passes all understanding" to encompass you and for you to find rest in the Father's arms. Sounds like you have more than enough going on in your life right now....God Bless....Linda

Trish said...

Sometimes losing it releases all that pent up stress and then you do feel better! I'm glad you were able to do it and then move on! It sounds like you have accomplished quite a bit. I'm praying for you!

robinrobin said...


I bet those dishes are really clean!!

Guess what we are making today in our crockpot, too?! Apple butter! It's an all day one and will be ready tomorrow some time. :)

Have a wonderful Sunday, hugs, Robin

Jen said...

Sometimes I think that we all need a breakdown in order to function.

Praying that you have a calmer week!

Love, Jen

Jen said...

You have been given an award! Please check out this post!

Have a wonderful day!

KKJD1 said...

Praying things will get better for you soon. I think we all break down every now and again. If not we just might blow so look at it as a good thing. Hope this week will bring you many blessings. Karen

Farm Chick Paula said...

Poor baby... I'm so sorry you had a breakdown, but a good cry sometimes makes you feel better, especially when it's been "building" for a while...
I'll be praying everything gets better for you soon!