Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thankful Thursday

It is turning out to be a beautiful day here. The temps are cooler, I've been downright cold a few times, even pulled an extra quilt over me. But I love it. Seems like when this season rolls around everything knows that it is time to start settling down. Of course everyone is preparing for what is to follow-people are harvesting their gardens, putting up what they can, the animals seem to be doing the same. A time of change.

Changes are happening with me. In less 2 weeks, I'll have surgery, a hysterectomy and other "things". I'm a bit anxious about it, well, I'm getting kinda scared to be truthful. Mostly because of not knowing what the pain will be like and afraid I'll be sick afterwards. Wondering how things will be afterwards. I know lots of women have hysters every day but when it's you it's happening too, well, you kinda look at it in a different light.

Changes are happening in our home. Dh and I are getting closer to those "empty nester" years. I think how can our son possibly be almost 18 yrs old!! Knowing how to loosening those "apron strings", knowing when to let go, knowing what battles to fight. It takes a lot of praying. Our daughter will be 21 next week. I wish I could be with her on her birthday.

Changes are happening in our church. Not sure what is going on, I just know that I have to stand , not bail out. I havent' been happy there for awhile but I've prayed that God would move in the church or move me out--that the truth of the matter will be brought to light. Only God knows what is truly going on. And I have to continue to pray for our church, the members and our pastor.

I may not be around much in the weeks to come. I need to spend more time away from the computer.
But I will pop in occasionally, as time and energy permits.

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Trish said...

Patty, I pray your surgery goes smoothly and you will not have much pain or be sick! I'll also pray for your church as we are in a similar situation!