Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Terrific Tuesday

it is suppose to be a nice day today, in the 80's. I tell ya, that sunshine feels so good. I sat out on the porch awhiel yesterday and think I got a bit sunburnt. But it felt so good.

I'm feeling a bit better every day. I get so tired at times tho, so I'll lay down for a bit. I've been doing a few things-washing dishes, folding clothes (after someone gets them out of the dryer for me), light cooking.
Still can't bend, squat down, easily.

I'm going to the doc today so she can check out the incision, just to make sure. It is still burning and puffy on the right side, achy too. I'm getting a bit down cause of it being constant.

I love the picture above. This was early Sunday morn. Isnt' he gorgeous?

Well, that's all for now, gotta get up, fix some breakfast, get ready for the day.

~~til later


KKJD1 said...

I've not been on in awhile so I missed your surgery hope you are doing good. I see you are still sore. Hope that will be better soon. Take it easy and take care of yourself. Your lil friend is so cute thanks for sharing the pic. Blessings, karen

Barbara said...

Good luck with your incision. And I love the picture!!

Julie said...

A bear. In. your. yard? EEEEiiiYYY!

There was one spotted not far from where we live a couple of months ago and I still get shivers thinking of it! I didn't grow up with bears around -- can you tell:*?


Cathy said...

Hi yet again Patty...LOL...
The picture of the black bear reminds me of my poor son, who is also a Captain and Army Ranger at Fort Bragg...and in July 2008 He was hiking alone on the Appl. Trail, and was stocked by and trapped by a 500 black bear from 2:30a.m til 6a.m. when the sun came up. He was okay, but the bear had gone through his tent completely, and my son was only ahead of this bear by about 40 feet when he got out of the tent. Luckly the bear wanted to investigate the tent first, and there was a block bathroom near the camp site he had picked to stock at, and it had a metal door. Guess they put a metal door on just for bears. Anyways, my son is a combative expert, and he said he was overwhelmed with fear because this was not a situation he could overpower. God was with him in a mighty way, and he lived through it. :)