Saturday, November 1, 2008

Where did the yr go?

November 1st. Wow! Where has this past yr gone?
This time last yr, I was preparing to return to work after being home for about 4 yrs. This yr has been consumed with getting use to being a working gal again, trying to find a balance between work and home. I haven't found it yet. Unfortunately, I've let my part time job consume me this past yr. I feel like I've missed out on alot here at home.
Now I'm recovering from surgery and preparing to return back to work in a few weeks.
I don't want my job to be my life. I need to work more diligently on finding that balance. It's a bit harder tho when you work retail-different work schedule each week and working weekends.
One of the changes that I need to make is to take my lunch, instead of going out. I work in a mall and with the food court, Starbucks, the pretzel place-well, in one day, I spent over $13.
I can prepare extras when I cook, put it in the freezer in containers that I can reheat it in in the micro we have at work. Pack snacks, like grapes, nuts, soemthing protein. Good menu planning/grocery shopping has to happen with that also.
So, yes, I have alot of thinking and planning to do the next couple weeks. Need to get some crockpot recipes, so that dh and son will have a hot meal when they come home on evenings I have to work. Or at least a simple meal prepared, ready for them to reheat. My dh is not a casserole type person, he's more a meat and taters guy.

Where do I fit house work in there? I have to admit alot of my time is frittered away here at the computer. It can be so addictive. So, I need to get a plan on what to do and when. And then actually DO it. lol! That's the key to it all.
I usually know my schedule a couple weeks in advance so I could sit down and work out a schedule with that.
Of course, right now, I'm limited in what I can do in the house. But it's getting easier to do things, just takes longer.

Whew! Alot on my mind this morning. I'm glad tho. Tells me I'm getting better. When you are in pain or have gone thru an ordeal it clogs your mind, you lose track of time and things that are going on around you. So, yes, I'm glad my thoughts are on these things this morning.

Well, on to the day.
Praying yours will be a blessed one.


Barbara said...

When we are going thru a difficult time, it's like we're on the outside looking in--time sorta stands still in our world. Afterward, we realize that time didn't stop. It was rushing past us, as we dealt emotionally with the stress of our dilemma. Glad the worst is now behind you. Blessings.

Joanne said...

I find lists/itineraries are a great help. If too much is going on, it's nice to keep it organized on paper and work thru it. Wishing you a good November.

Linda said...

Good luck with keeping balanced when you return to work. I know how challenging it can be - I struggle constantly! I think we have to try and discipline ourselves to maintain the balance. Sometimes it's a choice. (preaching to myself here!)
Glad you're feeling well enough to be thinking about getting back to "normal".

Anonymous said...

If you need crockpot recipies...go to has a years worth.

Flylady website also has a great plan for those who or challenged with organization.

Hope these help.


Anonymous said...

Should have read

tipper said...

A plan always makes me feel better!