Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas memories

Since it's only 3 weeks til Christmas I thought I'd share a few Christmas memories.

Here is one of my favorite pictures of myself when I was about 3. I dont' actually remember this picture being taken but I do remember the stroller and the little red rocking chair. I loved strolling my little babydoll along and rocking her. As you can tell by the date on the picture my mom was famous for waiting to have pictures developed.

I have inheritied that tendency, I still have rolls of film that I have no clue what is on them. Do they still develop rolls of film?

Don't you love that hair? I still look like that when I get out of bed in the morning, can't guarantee that happy disposition, tho.

If you look close near the bottom of the tree, you'll see some tinsel garland. My mom held onto that stuff till it was in pieces. She may actually still have some of it. And we always had icicles. Most people think it's too time consuming to put them on but I love using them. Gives the tree such a soft glow. But only if you do it right. You can't just throw them on there, you have to place them on. And yes, I take the time to take them off and reuse them. I know they only cost about 50cents a box but I enjoy taking them off. I actually have some of the balls that were probably used on that tree.

I'll be getting my Christmas stuff out today. Checking the lights. Figuring out what goes where, taking the everyday stuff down and dusting as I go.

Part of me says "why bother, in 3 weeks I'll have to take it all down." But I need it. I'm not going to allow myself to get down because "Christmas just isnt' the same" becuase we've gotten older, our children are grown, one is 5 hours away, and we won't get to be with her this yr.
But guess what? It is the same!! The Reason we are celebrating Christmas this yr has not changed. As Christians we have chosen Christmas to celebrate the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Was He actually born at this time of year? I've heard it was more like in July. But this is the day we have set aside. This is the real Spirit of Christmas.
I love seeing all the lights, the decorations, remembering when my child made that ornament and how proud they were of it. Remembering each one and where, when and whom I got it from.
So as I put out my little nativity scene, I'll remember the Christ Child and thank Him for coming into this world. And as I decorate the tree, I'll remember the One He died on and the reason He gave Himself as a sacrifice. I'll remember that He is the Light of the world and each little ornament, I'll remember all the little blessings He has given me through out the yrs.
There may not be much under the tree but there is more than enough in my heart.


Linda said...

What a wonderful post. I love the picture of you as a young 'un. Very cute! Your perspective on the holidays is right on. May God bless you richly over this blessed season.

KKJD1 said...

Couldnt have said it better myself! Maybe we are getting a better idea of what Christmas is really about!
I have a few pics like yours minus the hair!lol I dont really remember what my hair looked like. But wasnt Christmas special when we were kids. I loved to lay under the tree and I always cried when mom took it down. Thanks for keeping those memories alive. Have a great time decorating! Blessings, Karen

Barbara said...

The Award is now on my blog with your link added. Thanks a million and I love the picture of you as a little girl. You look so sweet and happy!!

Brenda said...

I love the feelings you share in this post about the true reason for Christmas. The picture is really cute too, I can remember seeing some of me like that too!


Regina said...

aw you are so cute!! I remember as a child lying our coats out (we didn't have stockings) and the next morning we would have fruit and nuts with a little candy in it. It was the one and only time of the year we would get an apple or orange, it was so good!

Kathleen from Eggs In My Pocket said...

Your lovely words touched base with me on the subject of Christmas. When our children were small we dove into the big present buying thing, now we have slowed down a bit. I really treasure having my children come home for Christmas. So enjoyed reading your words. Blessings, Kathleen

June said...

oh patty, i understand what you said about Christmas not being the same, yes things has changed for us as well, we arent going to have anyone of our kids or grandkids here for the holidays for the first time..its so hard and well i put a wreath on the door and greeny with a nativity scene on the mantle and thats it.....but you are so right It is the same, what is the really meaning of Christmas?? The birth of our Lord...isnt that what its all about..Yes Hes the real Spirit of Christmas....thanks blessing

the voice of melody said...

How I love your last sentence about not having a lot under the tree but having more than enough in your heart. What a great sentiment. :)

Tipper said...

You were and are adorable!!

Farm Chick Paula said...

What cute picture of you, Patty!! We always had icicles too, they were always soooo messy and Mom would never let me put it on the tree because I would have clump after clump at eye level! (My eye level- three feet off the ground! LOL)