Fantabulous Friday!

After some storms this morning we now have beautiful, glorious sunshine!! There is a nice breeze blowing. So nice! I know there are more storms on the way. Saw on the weather that middle TN was having them now.

I've spent the morning here at the computer, trying to get up the nerve and confidence to write a cover letter. Whew! I don't know why I'm finding it so stressful. I don't think I have much confidence in myself or my abilities and it is hard to know what to say and how to say it.

I'm going to sit down and write out a list of my 'credencials' (did I spell that right?) and then try to get them together in a professional manner. I'm applying for a teller position at a bank, so please say a prayer for me. This would be a huge blessing if I were able to get it. Well, as long as He thinks so too.

Sitting here at the computer I'm able to see my bird feeder and watch the critters that come. Right now a rascally squirrel is taking a rest on top of the post. He is spread out with his legs hanging down.

Here are a couple pictures I took earlier.
This is an indigo bunting. He is gorgeous. Has been feeding off and on all day. If you look close you can see the backside of a goldfinch.
This little guy stayed on the porch for quite awhile during the storm this morning. So cute.
This was taken after the one above so you can tell how dark it got.
I had to go out to the store so treated myself to an awesome cherry danish from a local bakery. Yum! It was delicious.
Well, I'm off to get this cover letter worked on.
Thanks for the welcome back.
til later


Gina said…
We've had an indigo bunting hanging around too! They are beautiful little creatures! We've also had two new species to our feeders... yellow warblers and orchard orioles!! We've never had either one before!

Happy Mother's Day!
I hope you get the job you desire! We have buntings fly through here and stay a day or two and then they are gone on their migration path. We are lucky to have seen a couple in the years we have lived here. Blessings,Kathleen
I hope you heard good news on the job, Patty- if it's meant to be, everyhting will work out!
I just found your blog. IT's great and I also hope you got good news on your job.
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