Thursday, May 21, 2009

going campin!!

I'll be heading out tomorrow afternoon, after work to join my husband and son at the campsite. They went out on Tuesday. I know they've been fishing most of the time. I'm so looking forward to getting away for a few days.
Our daughter and sil are joining us late Friday night as well.

Our camping trips have become a family tradition each year. When we first started, I was pregnant with our daughter, Jessica. Now she's bringing her hubby of almost 2 yrs!! And their dog, Lady. Who knows? In a couple yrs we may have a grandbaby toddling around.
We've had so many fun times. David would rather be fishing or swimming. Or playing with the fire. Jessica, riding her bike around the loop, meeting new friends.

Dh is the chief cook, usually fried everything. But oh! Nothing taste as good as a pan of fried taters when you are camping. Course, he has to put ramps in there too.
And don't forget the coffee, perking in that old perculator pot.

Then we'll make our usually trip (or 2) to the local ice cream shop. So many choices and all of them so good!! I usually get something dipped in chocolate.

I hope to do a little fishing. I'm not that great of a fisher'person', I just dont' have the patience, but I do enjoy it.

I'll leave you with a few pictures from this week, here in my yard.

Beautiful Luna Moth. Think it may have just hatched. They only live one week!

This is an Oriental Poppy. Just blooming out. The green 'thing' on it is the shell of the bud.

Hope all who read have a blessed day.

~~til later


Kathleen from Eggs In My Pocket said...

The moth is beautiful! The camping trip sounds like so much fun! One year, when our children were small, we took them on their very first camping trip. They were so full of energy and so excited! We set up tents, fished and swam all day, boated, explored the area....all in 100+ heat. The next day even the dog was honking the horn and ready to go home! lol We had such a wonderful time. I think that is among our "family's" favorite memories. Have a wonderful time! blessings,Kathleen

Regina said...

Sounds like fun! Now, is this tent camping, cabin camping or RV camping? It does make a difference you know! I, myself, prefer cabin camping lol! I have done my share of "roughing it" though. Laying on a hard ground and gritting a little sand in the beans!

Gina said...

thanks for stopping by Patty!!

I just love the picture of the Luna Moth!!

Have a great weekend!!