finally ~~~

well, I havent' posted in so long I really don't know what to say. Things are finally getting to somewhat of a normal. I'm not working as many hours. That extra would help but I found the week that I worked 40+, I spent more money eating out-at work and for home-than I normally would if I hadn't worked that much. So it really didnt' pay off. It just so easy to grab something at work, especially since I work at the mall and there's the food court on one end and McAlisters, Starbucks and Cinnabon on the other!!! Whew!! I've gained to weight to prove it too. Oh! I forgot Auntie Anne's pretzels in the middle. LOL!! Love their cinnamon sticks with cream chesse.

The changes there have been made, things are slowly settling down. Still a few live embers, that flare up occasionally. It's not over yet, tho. Praying God will just take control of the situation and those involved.

So, enough of that!! I've had the past 3 Sundays off!! It's kinda scary, wondering why. But I'll take them. I know God is working in it.

This mornings sermon was on Jabez and his prayer. I know there was the book-not sure of the author-The Prayer of Jabez. Honestly I didn't read it. I just always had the impression, from what I heard about the book is that the part of his prayer that says-enlarge my borders was taken as 'make me richer, have more possessions, etc. But what I got from it this morning is that Jabez was praying that God would expand his influence, get him out of his comfort zone. Whew!! I need to pray that for sure.

One thing I'm doing out of my comfort zone, although it isn't spiritual, is I've started taking a computer class!! It's so much fun! It is 'computer for the workplace using Microsoft 2007'. I've never taken a computer class before and I think it will help me in my job search-when I start searching. And honestly-it's just plain fun!! I'm enjoying it.

I'm also doing the Beth Moore study on Esther with the group of ladies I've done studies with before. This yr there are over 30 who attended the first night!!!! That is awesome!!

Well, I'll leave you with a picture of our little bunny, who fell out of it's nest last week. We put him/her back in and have been keeping an eye on it. I found some good info on the internet, you can touch them, pick them up, make sure they are warm and their little tummies are big-this shows they are being fed. We also cross twigs over the nest, in the morning if they have been moved we know the momma has been there. I'll try to get more pictures. They stay in their nest for about 4 weeks. This ones' about 2 weeks old. At the time of the picture it was only a couple days old.
Take care
~~til later


Hi, it sounds like you are enjoying your work....I love mall food....I would gain a ton if I worked near it! The little rabbit is so precious and yes, the mother will come back if nothing has happened to her. Have a good week, blessings,Kathleen
Debbie said…
Patty, thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving a nice comment. I do like bird watching and photography among other things. We too have rabbits, although a great many disappear. We've been lucky enough to have at least one survivor this year; I see him in the back yard in the mornings running and playing. They are awfully sweet when they are small.
That picture of the luna moth is wonderful!

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