Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I guess if I had posted this morning at 9:09, I could have written 09-09-09 at 09:09 am. lol!!

Anyway, it's been a long day for sure. We got a really loud-window rattling-make me jump thunderstorm today. I loved it!! Saw on the news, in a nearby town, it looked like it had snowed from the hail! I sat down with a hot cup of coffee, a nice big pecan roll from the local bakery, and my Country Woman magazine that just came today. It was a very relaxing time.

I'm been doing some thinkin' (uh oh!!) and have decided that I need to make a few, well, more than a few, changes in my life. Course I do this once every blue moon and don't seem to get too far with it. But I'm going to try again.

The one thing I'm going to start with is my morning routine.
After I take my meds, and while the coffee is making, I'm going to get dressed-completely-head to toe, before doing anything else. I dont' know, for some reason, this goes totally against my nature. It just doesnt' feel natural for some reason. Maybe it's laziness, maybe it becuase it is very hard for me to get going of the morning. I get out of bed and I am generally stiff and in some form of pain, somewhere on my body. That nice warm shower in the morning might feel pretty good, tho! I'll let you know my progress.

I've bought a few mums and a rudebeckia (sp?) I want to make a little fall thing with my scarecrow couple I found at Lowe's. it's so cute!! Not sure how I'll do it. I'm wondering if I should put the mums in the ground or just leave them in the pot. I want to get a pumpkin or two and some gourds of some kind. This is not my normal thing. I always 'want' to but always make some kind of excuse-why bother? costs too much. that would look really good with all the other mish mash around. I always find some negative excuse. but when I saw this little couple, it brough a smile to my face. I put it back, thinking $20 is too much to pay, no where to store it, won't look good with the other unkempt flower beds,e tc, etc, etc. I walked around a bit, went back to it and thought, you know, this brings a smile to my face, I need to smile more, to enjoy things more, to bring things into my life that make me smile. So Mr and Mrs Scarecrow are now sitting on my porch, waiting for the right combination of other things to go with it. And every time I walk up to my steps, I'll look at them and smile!!
Then maybe after Thanksgiving, I'll find a nativity scene just the right size to go there.

I'll leave you with a picture of Chimney Rock, Lake Lure, NC.
We were there in August with our daughter and son in law. Breathtaking views!! Kinda scary, tho.

As you can see, it is really high up. Thankfully there is an elevator you can use instead of the numerous, steep, narrow steps. It was very tiring but we had a lot of fun.


Mel said...

An early fall, must be inspiring alot of us to get going on our decorating for the season. I'm not good at that sort of thing either. I drove to super Wally-Marts yesterday, and bought some small things, to decorate for the season. I left withj a small wooden pumpkin that reads "Give Thanks" a little stick vase with some artificial flowers, a fall table spread, another little pumpkin with fall flowers in it; for the table topper. A string of fall foliage, that; "I plan" on using for a scene in my wooden goat cart (in our entryway.)
Now to figure it all out...

I would bet, whatever, you decide to do will turn out just fine.


Rose Mary said...

I haven't done much fall decorating, either. What a beautiful view in the picture! I love to get up and get going pretty early in the spring and summer~but fall and winter are a different thing~I'm already starting to slow down!

KKJD1 said...

My fav time of year is fall and all the fall decor I can find is such a fun time for me! Anything fall puts a smile on my face as does the scarecrow couple you found! What a beautiful view, in NC. Hope you have a great weekend! Blessings,Karen

Marg said...

I'm glad you got Mr. and Mrs. Scarecrow. How big are they? They sound so cute.

I love those kinds of thunderstorms too. Country Woman is also a fav of mine, though I don't subscribe anymore I have back issues from 1988 or there abouts. Did you know they were first called Farm Wife, then Country Wife, then finally Country Woman as we know it? I wish I'd kept those Farm Wife issues. They were smaller and all black and white in those days.

I hope you can find a routine that works for you!