chilly fall morning

It feels glorious!! I went out this morning, barefoot, to check on little bunny and my feet are still cold! Got my slipper on now, need to get up and move around some.
Even seemed that the momma had put an extra layer over the bunny.

Bunny is doing fine. His eyes are open. Had another crow attack yesterday. The bunny got out of his nest, he is kinda hopping now but he needs to stay in there for a bit longer.

Ds calls him Buddy, I call him Lurch (cuase he 'lurches' when he tries to hop), so his offical name if Buddy Lurch.
UPDATE~~ the bunny is no longer in it's nest, no where around. Hoping he wasnt' "gotten" by something. :(
Can't believe it's September already. To me there is a feeling that it's time to calm down and start taking things a bit slower. Like, when you do when you start getting ready for bed.
I feel that I have missed out on summer somehow.
I'm looking forward to soups/stews, pumpkin and apple pies/breads. Good hearty foods!! Warms you up-body and soul.
I'd like to invite you to join in with us at for our fall event. I know you'll enjoy it.
~~til later


Jen said…
I am so excited about this fall weather! I hope that you are doing well, and that you stop in and visit me at my new blog home!
Julie said…
Oh, Miss Patty,
I sure hope that nothing has gotten the bunny either. Maybe it's just looking for some fresh grass or something and it will come back to the home you prepared for it. (Yeah, I know...I don't handle this farm living as well as I'd hoped ;*) It's so precious.

You have a safe Labor Day and enjoy that wonderful weather!

Many Blessings,
KKJD1 said…
Oh what a cute bunny I sure hope hes alright.
Yes Im lovin this fall weather too. It just grand I look forward to it all yr. Ill go ck out the fall event. Blessings,Karen
Love Buddy Lurch. So cute! I love fall and always look forward to stews and autumn foods. I will jump over to visit Christian Homekeeper. blessings,Kathleen
It's so good to see you posting again, Miss Patty!
I love fall too, especially the chilly mornings. I enjoy this time of year so much!
Hope little bunny is okay- maybe it was just time for it to leave the nest!

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