Thursday, December 17, 2009

Waiting on the snow

We are under a winter weather advisory here. I've heard several different amounts, up to 12 inches. As one retired weather forcaster use to say-what you got in your back yard is what you got. lol! He was born and raised in weatern NC so he knew how it was.
I'm looking forward to some snow.

It is way past my bed time. And it's been a long time since 6 am. I started waking up about 4:30, would doze off, wake back up, etc. Dont like mornings like that. After work, I went to the chiropractor. He gave me a good adjustment. Oy!! did it hurt! In a good way but it still hurt. My back is so tight from sitting at work. So, now I'm sitting on an ice pack. I started at my tailbone and it's now in the middle.
After leaving the chiropractor and fighting the 5 o'clock traffic, I stopped in
town to do some Christmas shopping, didn't get home til about 9:45, had grabbed some Taco Bell on the way home, definitly not the best choice of food this time of night but I didn't take time to eat earlier and I was hungry!! Met a super sweet lady in the Christian book store. She was buying a bible for her husband in a translation I hadnt' heard of, she said she didn't know anythign about it but it had a recommendation by Billy Graham. She said she hoped her husband would read it, he said he couldn't understand the KJV, she said that was just an excuse ;). I pray that he will read it and that God will speak to him thru that translation. She was a sweet lady. I love meeting people like that. One of the things I miss now that I'm not in retail.
Think all the shopping I'm doing has been done, except for a few little things that wouldn't be missed if I dont' get them.

Well, I think I can go to bed now. My eyes are closing on me.
have a good night, ya'll.

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Farm Chick Paula said...

I think we're only expected to get a couple of inches, but you never know! Years ago we had a lady (Margie Ison) that did the local weather in Knoxville and she wasn't even a meteorologist but she got it right every time! Nowadays- these people have no clue.
Hope your back feels better after that painful adjustment!
I'll be praying for that womans' husband too that his heart will open up to the word. Have a great weekend, Patty. (Fingers crossed for snow!)