Saturday, February 27, 2010

sleepy Saturday

After eating breakfast this morning, my husband and I went 'thrifting'. I was a nice time spent together. You have to understand, my husband is not a thrift store person. If the store doesn's sell tools, stuff for cars or anything to do with hunting, he'd just rather not go there. So, it was nice for him to even suggest us doing this. I didnt' find a thing I desperatly needed or wanted. He did. He found a tool store near a Goodwill. And he found a set of jacks for the vehicles-these are the kind you set under the vehicle and it has a lever and you 'jack' it up.
So, he was rewarded for his thoughtfulness toward me.

Now we are home, after a good lunch. I'm enjoying a cuppa hot coffee and a piece (or two ;) ) of the best coconut cake. Here is a link to the recipe.

Of course you can make the cake from scratch. I added some orange juice to the cake and the frosting. I remember my mom making orange coconut cakes when I was growing up. I love them. This cake is so moist from the cream of coconut.

It is still cold and windy here. I noticed my daffodils were about 2 inches out of the ground! And saw the first goldfinch on the bird feeder yesterday.

Thank you for the 'happy anniversary' wishes. And for even reading and posting on here.

~~til later

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