Saturday, March 20, 2010

First day of Spring

and it has been a wonderful, gorgeous day! 

Someone asked if I had found out the name of that little flower we saw at Biltmore Estate-the picture is in a previous post.  Well, I have not.  I have a "Wild Flowers of North Carolina" book and it is not in there.  I've looked online as well.  I'm thinking of emailing Biltmore Estates and asking if they can tell me. 

Edit~~I did more searching and I found it!!  They are Snowdrops.  Here is a link

And I also found a neat little story by Hans Christian Andersen. 

Well, that's all really.  Ya'll take care.


Linda said...

It was a warm and sunny first day of spring here too! Back to the rain this morning though...

Marg said...

Snowdrop is a very pretty flower, with a lovely name! Thanks for finding that out.