Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday wanderings

The past few days have been glorious!! Signs that Spring is on it's way are everywhere. Sunday my husband and I went to Biltmore Estate, walked around the bass pond. Saw this beautiful pair of ducks. I know soon there will be some little ones following along behind momma.

Not sure yet what this cute little flower is. I'll need to look it up when I have more time. Be sure to click on it so you can see the honey bee.

And we also found a sweet gum tree. Arent' these the cutest? These are sweet gum balls.

This is the neatest thing. It is a sundial. My husband's shadow is between the 4 and 5. I looked at my watch and it was 4:15.

~~~edited to add this . This website tells about the sundial and how it was built.

I saw 2 eastern bluebirds, flying and twittering as they went. I love how they look when the sun is shining on them . I love all birds but those bluebirds just take my breath.
Yesterday, our yard was invaded by robins. They were busy finding yummy stuff to eat in the grass and they took time to take a nice refreshing bath in our creek.
I love getting letters in the mail! It is a rare thing anymore. Most people correspond by emai, facebook, twitter, texting, etc.
It was nice to hear from an old friend.
Today I'll be going to a local Christian bookstore and filling out the necessary paperwork for my employment!!! I'm so excited. This truly is a blessing-Gods' timing was just right in this. Isnt' it always? It's only very part time right now, while one is waiting to be moved into a new position. I'll be training during this time and move into that when it comes available.


Eggs In My Pocket / Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Oh, good luck on your new job! I hope it brings you much happiness. Yes it looks like spring is springing! Love the ducks, flowers and bee. I would love to make a sun dial like this! Just don't know how to go about it. How long has it been there? Blessings,Kathleen

edenellis said...

It is so great spring is finally on it's way!

I started a blog a month ago and would love to know what you think of it if you would be willing to check it out. God bless,


Thorns and Myrtles

Marg said...

Congrats on the new job! I hope it goes really well.
I love spring too! Did you find out what that flower is? So pretty!