Monday, April 12, 2010

Looks like it's going to be another glorious day.  Cooler than last week, more like the 'normal' spring temps we usually have.  Spring really showed winter who was boss, with close to 90* temps last week!!  But winter came back with a little punch at the end of the week, temps went back down into the 50's w/some freeze advisories in the mountains.  But I think Spring is about to overcome. 

So much has been going on here over the last week.  As I said in my previous post, some changes have happened that have shook this mommas heart to the core.  It's hard to see people make choices that can have an impact on them for the rest of their lives.  Thanking God, that He was watching over them, praying He'll continue to keep them in that hedge of safety. 

Along with the high temps were were many wildfires last week.  This one is on Old Fort mountain near where I live.  My son and I went up there and watched for a bit, watched the helicoptors getting water from a lake at a boys camp near there. 

I started a new job last week, along with the other job at the bookstore.  I only work a few hours on Monday there right now, ordering, putting up cards, taking care of all that.  I enjoy it. 
My other job is in a tuxedo shop.  I'm hemming pants, taking/letting out sleeves, fixin buttons.  All that fun stuff.  It's getting to be their "Christmas" right now with all the proms that will be happening.  I'm goina be busy, busy!!  I just hope I can find that balance between work and home.

I've been hearing about vit D deficeincy and seems now it has affected me.  Had some blood work done and it is low.  So, I'll be taking what seems to be a huge amount, once weekly for 8 weeks then a smaller amt for a month, then have it rechecked.  It's amazing what this difiency can cause and I've been dealing with all of it this winter. 

Turkey season is open, dh is in the woods this morning.  He does enjoy it!! 

~~til later


Kathleen from Pleasant Prairie Farm said...

Well I hope what ever is shaking your heart will soon turn out..........I have been there......just hang in there and trust in God. I know what you mean about balancing work with the life I use to have........I am exhausted, but still find time to do what I love. Love the pretty flowers. I hope your vitamins will give you a boost! Blessings,Kathleen (also from Eggs In My Pocket)

EBet said...

I like the pic of the bleeding heart! That sounds terrible about having to take so much vit D. Turkey hunting sounds fun, I raise heritage turkeys so no hunting for me at least turkey any way!