Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summer time enjoyment

This summer is proving to be just as hot as the winter was cold.  But I remember saying in those winter months that when it was 90* outside I would not complain, so... I won't complain.  But I will say I'm enjoying my air conditioner more this yr. than I ever have. 
Another thing I'm enjoying is my ice maker/water dispensor on our new refrigerator.  I'm drinking lots more water, I keep a cup w/lid and straw with me most of the time.  I like to put either a slice of lemon in it or some tea bags, mostly green tea. 

My husband is enjoying the fishing, as you can see.  This is at our local lake.  It's a nice, relaxing area, with a picnic shed, play area for the kids, and a .5 mi. walking trail around.  Lots of ducks and geese. I enjoy going there late evenings to walk. 

I enjoyed a nice chat over the phone with my daughter this evening.  Seems like they don't happen often enough. 

Off to enjoy the rest of the evening.

What are ya'll enjoying most this summer?


Tipper said...

We love visiting your lake : ) we always try to go down there when we're at Miss Cindy's. I'm enjoying the air too : )

prairiesun said...

The lake sounds like a lovely spot. The catches aren't very big though. lol

Trish said...

Patty, I told myself I wouldn't complain once the warm weather showed up either, but it's not warm it's down right HOT! It's hard not to complain! lol

I'm glad you got to talk with your daughter. My daughter doesn't live far away, but since she got married I sure do miss her.