Thursday, November 18, 2010

"Run Them In"

While I was making my coffee this morning I was thinking of my son. I was thinking how he needs someone to come along side him and encourage him, be a friend. And then I opened my email and found this "Run Them In" Exactly what I was thinking.

How many times do we see someone, Christian or not, stumble, do something we just dont' understand, lagging behind and we say 'umph, why are they doing that?' We looked down our noses or simply just don't want to get involved. Instead of going to them, in love and being a friend to them, encouraging them, guiding them, just being there. They may be so scared, hurting and/or just simply dont' know what do to. Or how to do it.

It's hard to put ourselves out like that. I struggle with that, too.

There are so many out there who need someone to turn around and run along side them, to 'run them in'.

It ain't roller derby, people. It's life. It's not who gets there first, who run the fastest.

And if we live this life without helping someone along the way, then we've lived a life in vain.

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lori said...

I read your comment on my devo today and my heart broke for your son...I am joining you in praying that SOMEONE come, meet him, encourage him and "run him in." We all stumble in this race, some just more obviously than others...and that is when we need someone to run us in.

Please know I'll be praying for your son, praying for you as's hard for us moms. Please keep me posted...God has an amazing plan for his life...I believe that with all that's in me...he just needs someone to "run him in," so that someday he can "run someone else in."

lori (internet cafe devotions/