Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hymn Time Christmas - Grandpa Jones "The Christmas Guest"

Oh!  the memories this morning!! 

I remember as a younger child, waking up, I would hear mom in the kitchen, listening to WWNC 570. (Scotty Rhodarmer and Nothing Could Be Finer,than to be in Carolina in the morning!!) It was a country station and this was back in the day when they 'bleeped' the bad words from the songs.
It's format as long since changed but I remember the djs, the music--there seemed to always be some kinda music in our home. 
I've been thinking of some of the old Christmas songs I heard back then.  One of them was Willie Nelson's "Pretty Paper".  As I listened to it this morning, I realized exactly what it was talking about-those lonely people that you walk by in the hustle and bustle of this time of yr., those who have no home, no one to wrap presents for.  Reminds me to take time to give someone a smile, tell them that they are loved. 

And then there was this song.  Oh!  No one like Grandpa Jones telling a story!!  I remember him on HeeHaw, which we watched every week when it came on. 
This song always brings a tear to my eyes. Has the same message as "Pretty Paper".  Lets' not pass up an opportunity to be a blessing to someone today.


Tipper said...

Great video of Grandpa! And I love love pretty paper too : ) Bet you get some snow before today is over-I'm hoping we do too!

Paula said...

I always loved to hear Grandpa Jones do that song too, Patty! He was such a sweet man- he used to come to the Museum of Appalachia every year with his wife Ramona and they were the nicest people.