Monday, January 31, 2011


Taking a break from studying.  I have a medical terminology test tomorrow.  I've been making flash cards, have a huge stack of'em.  One way I'm learning them is by association.  Like 'hemianesthesia'.  Hemi is half and anesthesia is feeling.  I associate 'hemi' with a Hemi truck, which I think is funny cuase a Hemi truck is suppose to be a powerful thing but hemi actually mean half.  Hemianesthesia means feeling on one side of the body. 
(OK, I had to look it up, Hemispherical Compustion Chamber. A round dome-shaped combustion chamber. )

Yesterday was a gorgeous day!!  So warm!  A little tease of springtime.  Had to keep reminding myself that it's still January.  But it also gives me hope that springtime is on it's way!! 

For my supper, I pulled a bag of great northern beans out of the freezer.  I had cooked them awhile back with some ham.  I heated up some turnip greens.  Mmmm!  So good!  I could live on beans and greens, I think.  Cornbread would have been good with it but I didnt' take the time to fix any. 

I need to find some recipes that I can cook ahead of time and freeze for those evenings-like this one-when I have so much studying to do.  And since my dear husband is trying his best to lower his cholesterol, I need them to be good for ya.  Any ideas? 

~~til later


Momma J said...

Good luck on your test, Patty! I will be praying for you!

Mountain Mama said...

Beautful picture. You're right about that weather we had here Sunday. Wow! I couldn't believe it hit 70! Absolutely wonderful! Good luck on your test :)

Paula said...

Hope you aced your test, Patty... I remember when I was in Dental Hygiene school I had to take head and neck anatomy and it was so stressful.
Nothing sounds better to me than beans and cornbread! YUMMY!

Kathleen From Eggs In My Pocket said...

Have a good break and I hope you do well on your test. As for recipes to fix ahead..........stews are always great....and enchiladas. I know how hard it is to be working all day and then to come home and to try to fix a wonderful meal. Stay warm! Blessings,Kathleen