Thursday, February 10, 2011

last weeks morning fog

Another "snow event".  But~~we will be warming up to the 60's by next week!!  That will feel so good!  I know winter isnt' over yet, but according the Mr. Groundhog, Spring in on its way. And I'm so ready for it.

Well, my med terms test?  I made a C.  I guess that's ok but I was really disappointed.  It's hard learning all those words and how they are spelled.  So, I need to put more effort and time into studying.  I'm doing well in my other classes, tho. 

I'm not as stressed over this as I was in my last post.  I'm kinda getting into the routine of it all.  I've done better this week in cooking and keeping up with the dishes and laundry.  One thing that really helped was my sweet husband cleaning the house last Friday.  I'm so thankful for him.  He has been so encouraging in all this.  I'm really looking forward to what I can do with this.  I'm praying as to where God wants me to work.

I have some news but can't share it yet!!  I'm so excited.  More changes are coming our way.  We have been truly blessed in the family.  To see where we started from and where we are going.  Just amazing!  Shows the awesome Grace of our Father. 

I'm off to the chiro and then to work. 
Ya'll have a blessed day!


Mountain Mama said...

Yes, I'm ready for spring too!
I can't wait to get outside in the sunshine this weekend.
Don't be too discouraged about your "C" At least you passed it. I can remember when my mom was studying for her med term test and she said it was one of the hardest ones she ever took in college. It's so nice that your hubby is helping you out with all you're trying to accomplish. Sounds like you've got a sweet hubby.

Hope you have a wonderful day!

~jenn :)

Jen said...

Wow, 60's? I am so jealous! We are getting into the mid 40's this weekend, and I am so excited about that.

Don't stress too much about the grade. It's just one grade in the grand scheme of things.

Can't wait to hear your news when you share it!