Friday, June 10, 2011

hot summer days..

Temps have been in the 90's most days here lately.  I'm thankful for the air conditioner. We've had a storm almost every evening too.  Here in the mountains it can be pouring rain,hailing, etc in one area, a mile down the road or just over the ridge there will be sunshining.   Love the mountains!!

I'm finally feeling better.  Dr. upped my thyroid meds and I'm taking a prescript vit. D. Between the two being low, I was pretty much not worth anything. 

I bought some flannel this week, going to make a few receiving blankets for my grandson.  Squeee!!  He'll be here before we know it. 

 I came home the other day and my son had brought these in.  Aren't they pretty?  Not sure what the real name is, I've always heard them called ditch lilies.  They grow wild down around the creek. 

Since our trip a few weeks ago to TN I've been searching real estate in western TN.  Dreaming of maybe someday moving there, kinda in the middle of here and where our daughter lives. Right now it's a six hour drive. Way too long when you have grandbabies to spoil.

 My mom was born in eastern TN in Sulpur Springs area.  I loved going over there to visit my grandmother and all the family.
If you live or have lived in TN what do you like most about it? 


Paula said...

Hey, Patty~ can't wait to see what you do with the flannel... and yes, he will be here before you can turn around!
Love the lily~ they are one of my favorite flowers.
I don't know about west TN but I've lived in east TN all my life and can't imagine living anywhere else... I love the mountains!

The Country Cook said...

How wonderful to be looking forward to a new grandchild! The flannel blankets will be well used, I am sure. Hope you can find a home in TN close to your soon to be blessing!