Saturday, June 4, 2011

Long time, no blog

I have been busy busy with school, work, home. sigh.  I've had to let some things go and blogging has been one of them.  I have browsed a bit but just haven't taken time to post.

I have exciting news!!  Our little grand is a boy!!  I can just see little Carharts and camo in the future.  I've already looked at the Carhart coveralls at Bass Pro!  I'll miss making the frilly dresses I had visioned but that's ok.  Little boy sugars are just as special as the little girls. 

I'm in the summer semester of school.  Whew"!  I'm already so far behind!  Trying to pace myself and do a bit at a time.  Most of the work is done out side the class room online. 

Off to get the day going.


Tipper said...

Congrats on the boy!!! So exciting : )

Paula said...

Hey Miss Patty~ I've been away from the blogworld too... just too much going on right now.
Congrats on your grandboy! I used to buy my nephew those oshkosh overalls; I always thought little overalls were the cutest things ever. Don't forget to buy him a pair of cowboy boots, too! :)