Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday morn

taken one day last week.
I'm the only one up so far.  It's nice. I love mornings. I hear the birds outside wondering why the birdfeeder hasnt' been  hung up. We have to bring it in at night because of the bears.  I've had several feeders...and poles...destroyed by them. 

It has been a good week, still kinda stressful with all the online school work I'm doing but I think, now that we are half way into this semester, that I'm finally getting caught up and settling into a routine..of sorts. 

My crinium lily is blooming!!  It is so pretty!  Mom gave it to me last yr, actually there were 3 bulbs.  This is the only one blooming and it is the smallest of the plants.

Here is a preview, this was, I think 4 days ago?   See all the little buds down in there?  I think I counted nine. I'll post more pictures later.

My daughter is doing well.  She is about 25 weeks now.  They will be checking her glucose in a couple weeks.  They suspect it might be high.  Here is the latest pictures of the baby. This is a 3D ultra sound.  I tell ya, those things have come along way since I was pregnant with her!  It is amazing!  I just want to smooch on those cheeks!!

Ya'll have a blessed day!! 

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Karen Twombly said...

Aw, I love that sweet baby face!! It is totally amazing how far technology has come! I hope you enjoyed your Sunday!
Love, Karen