Sunday, July 31, 2011

Guess it's time for a post.

Seems I've been neglecting my posting lately.  I'll come here and read but just haven't had much to say or haven't taken the time to say it.

So here is a bit of an update on what has been going on  here.

Almost thru with the summer semester!  Only 1 more final to take, then I'll have a week and a half break! I'm so ready for that. I have plenty of things to get caught up on and I need to get my sewing machine working good so I can get some sewing done for the baby!!

Speaking of which will be arriving in about 10 weeks!!!   My daughter and sil were here this weekend.  My church had a baby shower for her. 
Is this not the cutest cake?!?! The lady that made this, also made my daughter's wedding cake.  She does such an awesome job!   And it was so good, too.

I've cut back on my breads and sugars.  I can tell a difference as far as how my tummy has been reacting.  I've not had as much reflux/heart burn.  I've notice the times that I've eaten sugary stuff (like the peach cobbler I just ate :)  ) my tummy hurts.  I'm still reading and reading about traditional foods.  I want to get the book "Nourishing Traditions".  But there is so much here on the internet.  One thing that is recommended is 'fermented' foods.  I love pickled beans and corn and didnt' realize that it is actually a fermented food.  My husband's grandmother (Big Grandma) made it when she was living.  I loved it!  So, I decided to try my hand at it 
I think it has turned out good!  I would love to have an old crock to make it in but this jar will have to do.  I want to make some kraut and I've found a relish recipe to make this way as well.  I kinda followed the recipe here.  I only used beans and corn, tho.
Since I've been eating (or trying to eat) this way, I have lost a few lbs and can tell a difference how I feel.  I can realy notice it after I've eaten sugary stuff.  It's hard to explain how I feel, kinda  groggy, heavy headed feeling.  It's going to be a journey that is for sure. 

I tried making a sourdough starter but it didnt' work, so I'm going to try again.  I love breads and I'm hoping that I'll be able to tolerate it better than regular breads. 

Off to study some more on my medical terminology test.  Finals this week!!

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Paula said...

Oh Patty~ that cake is adorable!!
I'm so excited for you... the next 10 weeks will fly by and will be here before you know it.
Good luck finishing up school- maybe you'll have some time to relax.