Sunday, February 5, 2012

should be studying

but I can't get my mind into studying mode. sigh. I have 4 test this week. Well, one is just a 'quiz' but it is on the vertebral bones.

Week before last I was in TN all week with my daughter. She had gall bladder surgery. She is doing really well. I sure enjoyed spending time with her and my sweet grandson. He will be 4 mo old next week! Starting to teeth. I sure miss that baby!! 
Driving lessons already?

To those who posted and encouraged me to keep blogging-thank you. Maybe some day I'll be able to put more time into blogging.

So who is hooked on Pinterest? I do like to go on there and see what people have pinned. Fun!

Well, not much else to say.

~~til later


Karen Twombly said...

He's so sweet!! :)

Patty H. said...

Karen, thank you.

Tipper said...

Adorable photo!!! I know what you mean about school-but we both just gotta keep going!

Marg said...

That little guy is so cute!!