Wednesday, March 7, 2012

in a whirlwind

or that's have it seems. This picture is what my life is right now. But only 2 more months and I'll graduate with my diploma in Medical Office Administration!! So, I can't give up or give out. I gotta keep at it, keep giving myself pep talks, keep praying!

Last weekend we were under a tornado watch, then on Sunday and Monday we had snow. Crazy weather here in the mountains. One little town in the western part did have a tornado. Thankfully no one was injured but lots of damage.

I noticed this morning that the grape hyacinths were blooming. They are so cute. I read that some of the apple trees were damaged from the cold snap on Monday. Typical of this time of year.
eating sweet taters!

My little grandson will be 5 mo old on the 12th!! Wow! He's growing like a weed. My daughter has started him on 'real' food and he's not complaining!

 She bought a food processor and is making her own. So much better. She is a good momma. So proud of her.

Well, I'm off to get caught up on a few things here in the house before I have to meet with one of my instructors this evening, then I have a class.

~~til later


Tipper said...

Adorable-hes so cute! Hang in there you've almost made it through school : )

Karen Twombly said...

Just two more months? That's awesome!! You can do it! Congratulations! :)

Patty H. said...

@Karen, I know! I can't beleive I'm almost done.
@Tipper, thanks,I think he's pretty cute too!