Sunday, June 24, 2012

poorly neglected blog!

I'm still here! Alot has been happening around here.

Here are some pictures to show a few of the those 'happenings'.

  I We went to the NC coast for a few days. Was wonderful!!  Isnt' this little crab skeleton neat? It was so fragile I didn't bring it home with me. Atlantic Beach is beautitul! Weather was good, not too hot. It did come a heavy downpour one evening as we were walking to a restuarant. We both were drenched! Took a trip up the coast to the ferry that goes to the Outer Banks but didn't take it. Maybe another time.
I graduated from the Medical Office Administration program in May but have a class this summer to finish up before I'll get my diploma.
I've been working on getting my resume out. Nothing so far but I know something will open up for me.
I'm trying to get my life settled into some kind of order. Everythings feels so scattered for some reason. Trying to make some changes in my routine, my eating habits (dr. advised me to go wheat and dairy free for a bit. I have horrible eczema on my hands and meds don't seem to be clearing it up). Not an easy task.

Well, not much of an update but that's really it.  Hoping to be on here more often.

This was taken a year ago. This little fella is now 8 months old!!  He is the sweetest thing ever. 'Course this MiMi isn't biased at all ;).

~~til later

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Eggs In My Pocket said...

The beach.........always a wonderful place to go! Congratulations on finishing school. It won't be long until you finish your class and get your diploma. You did it! 8 months! Time goes so quickly doesn't it?