Thursday, November 15, 2012


is it possible that it's only a week away from Thanksgiving?!?! Am I prepared? Of course not. I need to get my list made so I can get it all this weekend.

I'm just going to do a small turkey this year, it will be only my hubby, my son and myself. Nothing fancy. No wild turkey this year. I'll be looking at the organic, range free, etc. ones, see how much they cost.

I'm slowly, slowly, getting used to working most of the day. I'm doing a bit more of the evening instead of coming home, getting supper and sitting down. I'm pretty tired.

Christmas is coming in 5 weeks!! I'm wanting to make a quilt for my son. I've got some fabric picked out can't decide on a pattern. I'm thinking either this one
Hunters star
disappearing nine patch
or the  snowball quilt. They will all be scrappy quilts with a dark brown as the main color.
I was going to work on it last night but couldn't find my rotary cutter.
Well, it's time to get off and get ready for work.
~~til later.

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