Saturday, August 31, 2013

end of August

I love this picture. Not sure why.

It was taken at the Cradle of Forestry in Brevard, NC. Our little family spent a few days camping at Davidson River and we spent a morning there. It is a wonderful place, so peaceful. The weather was perfect-no rain, cooler temps, just perfect for camping.

I've been wanting to start this blog up again. We will see how it goes.

I've been under a lot of stress-or is it stress?-lately. I'm longing to get back to a more simple life. I'm longing to get back to life itself. Seems I tend to crawl into my shell and hide away in facebook or internet-looking, searching trivial stuff that really has no meaning or necessity in my life. Just something to do so I can escape. From what? I don't know.

It is a beautiful morning here. Dh is at work, the house is quiet. I hear the occasional bird or cicada (I think that's what it is). I love days like this, quiet, relaxing, days I don't have to be anywhere. I took my coffee out on the porch this morning. August mornings have been foggy, cooler. Fall is definitely on the way. I'm noticing that the leaves are starting to change, already. Some say it is be an early fall and that the color will not be good because of all the rain we've had. If the old saying "for every fog in August, there will be a snow in December" is true then we are in for some snow! I won't mind.

Off to catch up on housework.

~~til later

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Cora from Hidden Riches said...

I love the picture, too! Don't know why, maybe it's just the simplicity of it.

I most certainly could understand your feelings and the roaming the internet, etc. I've felt that way, too, and can't seem to get my thoughts settled enough to write consistent posts. So don't feel like you are alone with that.

Fall is sticking it's toe in the door here in Florida, too. This morning was so much cooler than usual and it felt wonderful! It's been too hot for too long.

Enjoy your day today!!!!!