Saturday, September 21, 2013

It's fall, ya'll!

I love fall! The days already seem to be getting shorter, the air is crisp, and it just feel----different.

Apple butter, pumpkin everything!, fall festivals and fairs, football.
Cooler nights make for better sleeping.

Weekend before last we went to the Historic Morganton Festival. It is great! Several blocks of art, crafts, food, etc.

Last weekend was the NC Mountain State fair. We went early to "avoid the crowd". Stayed for most of the day. I love seeing all the crafts, quilts, etc that have been entered.

I love this quilt! I could really use up a lot of my scraps of fabric for this one.

My husband, who has a fear of heights, suggested we ride the chairlifts!! I asked him why, he said, so I can say I did it!
I was proud of him. It was fun....                                                                                                                                         until it would stop and start swaying. I got a bit queasy with that.

It was a loonngg  way down!!!

But the view was amazing!! 
Today I think I'm just going to hang around home and rest.
Unless...dh decides to go look at the cutest little doggie ever, who really needs a home. I've been thinking about getting a dog. It's just my husband and I now. This house gets a bit lonely. It would be good to have a dog to take on walks..
We will see.
~~til later

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