Sunday, January 18, 2015

winter so far

This was our first snow, back in November. We've had a few flurries since, some ice but mostly just cold. The temps have been below 50* for several weeks now.

I would love to have a good snow--one that comes down steadily for several hours or more, blanketing the earth with it's silence and beauty.

And then go away after a couple days. Just one day home, stuck in the house would be fine with me......

a quiet day to be snuggled  in with hot coffee or tea, a pot of soup or chili and some cornbread. Getting caught up on Downton Abbey (I just finished the 2nd season!).

Snuggling with our sweet Chloe girl....
Chloe has been with us
for about 3 months now. We rescued her from our local animal shelter. Such a sweet heart, she is. 
They labeled her as 'bassett hound' mix and named her 'Clover'. But 'Clover' didnt' work for us, kinda hard to say, so we changed it to Chloe, which I think suits her better. 
I'll share more about her later.
She came to us at a good time. My husband lost his mother the first week of October. I think Chloe has been good for him. She loves to be loved on as you can see in the picture. 

~~til later

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