Saturday, March 21, 2015

Beautiful Spring morning!

The sky is so blue, the birds are singing, I have the window open a bit to let in some fresh air.

I. Love. Spring.

We've lived in our home for about 10 months now. My hubby has been outdoors working every chance he can get. We had a hedge of yellow bells (forsythia) that a former owner had planted along the front fence near the road- a privacy fence I guess.
Hubby has been busy getting those out of the ground. Do you know how hard it is to kill a forsythia bush? Almost impossible. But he is a determined fella.

I'm finally getting to where I'm enjoying my new home. I know that sounds odd but after living in one place for 28 yrs, it's hard to get used to another. And last yr, on thru the winter was a tough one for me, But I've pushed thru and now with the warmer temps and the warm sunshine, I think I'm going to make it.

One room in my house that I've fallen in love with is the bedroom. We finally, after all these yrs, have a matching bedroom suit!
I don't have any pictures up on the wall yet but I have some of my favorite things in there.

This pillow was given to me years ago. It had a beautiful crochet cover on it, front and back were an Irish Rose pattern. The rose was big! But is was so old and was disintegrating. The cover is satin. You can tell in the pic the true color of it, and the inner pillow...I love that fabric!! It is filled with down. The last pic in the collage are a couple pillows I found at a yard sale.


 This is what I'm making to recover the pillow. I'm not sure it's going to be big enough. I'm thinking I may make it bigger by adding a linen sashing around it and for the back. I have a piece or two of old linens that has 'issues'-spots, holes, etc. I may repurpose one of those.
its sideways but this is the source for the pattern

I've been working off and on on this piece for over a year. I'm using size 30 cotton and size 11 steel crochet hook!
It's tiney and hard for me to see at time, unless I have the right lighting.

I love doing this type of crochet. I'm half way thru on it. I try to do one row each night.

Well, time to get busy doing some housework.

~~til later


Lady Jane said...

Hi Patty, Glad to meet you. I am happy you stopped by my blog and entered the give a way. Although I don't believe you became a follower. I look forward to following your blog and becoming good blog buddies. LJ

Lady Jane said...

Whoops, I didn't tell you about your crochet work which is exquisite. It is so hard to work on such fine pieces but well worth it when done.

Dawn said...

It is hard to adjust, we did so after 20 yrs in one home. So nice to see you are making progress!!
I think you are setup as a no-reply blogger when leaving comments - I did find you here!
Have a great weekend!!